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Surrogacy programs from US$36,900

We have been providing surrogacy since June 2007 and are one of the oldest continuous Birth Mother services in the world. Our experienced team of medical professionals will guide and support you throughout your journey.

We offer several options for surrogacy and have our own medical support team to ensure the highest quality care for both the Birth Mother and the Parents. Our services include a basic surrogacy program for US$36,900 plus our consultancy and referral fee, or an unlimited, guaranteed pregnancy program for US$59,000 plus our fee. 

Gay Couples and Single Fathers

We have assisted many Gay Parents and Single Fathers and have a program specially designed to meet the needs of parents in this category. Talk to one of our Consultants to discover the options available to you.

The Legal situation

There have been many changes to surrogacy laws over the past few years with a number of countries banning surrogacy completely while others have placed restrictions on who can use a Birth Mother.

However, there are still possibilities for couples and singles wishing to start a family of their own. The reality is that Surrogacy is still a ‘grey’ area in some countries and we try to ensure that our programs meet all legal requirements relevant to the local situation.

For married couples, there are several options which legally allow both Parent’s names on the birth certificate and to legally have a surrogate carry their child. For single parents or same sex couples the opportunities are far less but we can still develop a careful strategy for a successful surrogacy journey for nearly all intending parents.

We want you to feel comfortable in what can be a difficult and complex process so suggest you speak with one of our professional consultants who can advise you on the best approach to take.

We also offer a surrogacy consultancy service for Intending Parents who use our egg donor services but have their eggs or embryos shipped to another clinic or country.

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We specialise in offering the highest quality egg donors using the very latest in IVF techniques. Our embryologists are Cryotech certified and achieve an average of 98% egg thawing rates.

We do our best to keep prices at an affordable level- well within the budget range for most families. Our caring and very experienced Fertilitonsultants can start you on the path to creating the family you dream of in as little as 4-weeks.

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