Our embryology Team is amongst the most experienced in Asia and has helped Intending Parents from all over the world achieve their dream of having a baby. They provide a variety of ART services proven to significantly increase pregnancy success rates.

IVF is used in a variety of situations including:

  • where a woman needs her eggs to be fertilized in a controlled environment
  • where a single woman wishes to use her own eggs and a sperm donor
  • where a young woman wishes to freeze her eggs for future use
  • where NGS Embryo DNA Testing is performed to choose gender or identify genetic disease
  • where fallopian tubes are blocked
  • for Egg Donation when the female partner has no viable eggs
  • where ICSI is used to transfer a single sperm into an egg;
  • where a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy (e.g. after hysterectomy) and her partner’s sperm is used to fertilise either her own eggs, or a donor’s eggs and transferred to a Gestational Surrogate.

Please contact us for further information about your IVF options.