The advantage of a fresh donor cycle is you receive all the eggs from the cycle. The average being 12 to 20 mature eggs. Importantly we do not overstimulate our donors as some clinics do as our focus is on ensuring the best quality eggs and protection of the donors’ health and future wellbeing.

You choose from the detailed profiles we send you and many of the donors will also have eggs already frozen ready for shipping.

A fresh cycle is a little different compared to a frozen cycle as you do not know exactly how many mature eggs your donor will have at retrieval.  With a frozen egg cycle, you purchase the exact number of eggs you want. However, if you choose one of our experienced donors for a fresh cycle we will be able to provide an accurate estimate of what you might reasonably expect.

We have two groups of donors;

Chinese Egg Donors

Because we specialise in Chinese egg donors we have many frozen eggs available for immediate shipping. We also offer fresh cycles, which some people prefer. Importantly, we aim for quality rather than quantity and our donors are much sought after by other clinics and we receive many requests for eggs from clinics around the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia and the Ukraine.

Caucasian egg donors

Although we specialise in Asian donors we also have our own Caucasian donor program using donors we source ourselves via our Ukraine office and also from our partners in other locations. All the donors are experienced and have proven donation histories. Please note that we cannot ship Caucasian donor eggs to other countries so you would need to come to our partner hospital in Penang for your treatment.

If you would like more information please contact us at the link below.