We specialise in Asian egg donors

As the oldest continuous egg donor service in South East Asia we have the expertise you need to source a healthy, intelligent and attractive Asian egg donor. Most of our donors are recruited locally and to ensure the highest safety standards we do not use agency donors.

Altogether we have over 200 donors including a large number who donate to our egg bank. However, as many people still prefer a fresh donor cycle- an emotional need that we understand, we offer you a fresh or frozen cycle and are happy to work with you to find a donor you feel completely happy with.

Donor Matching

Intending Parents usually have a reasonable idea of the type of donor they are looking for. Appearance, age, education, personality all play a role. We offer the largest selection of Asian egg donors, possibly in the World, which can make browsing through all the options somewhat intimidating. Tell us your preferences and we will send you donor profiles based on the information you have given us. We have been providing donors to Intending Parents since 2006 and have found this to be the most convenient and personalised method for both parties.


Although nearly all our donors choose to remain anonymous, they are still required to provide us with relevant personal, as well as medical, details and other information that helps us match them with a patient. We also encourage donors to also provide photos of themselves as children, as well as an adult, to give Intended Parents an idea of what their baby might look like.

We do not exchange names or contact details for parents or donors as we have a very strict privacy policy. You can be assured that your personal details will be safe with us.

Some of the factors that may influence a match include:

  • Donor’s medical history
  • Results of donor’s mental health assessment
  • Donor’s academic ability
  • Personal hobbies and talents of donor
  • Donor’s athletic ability
  • A successful previous pregnancy resulting from her donation