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Our goal is simple; to help you realise your dream of having a family of your own. A Chinese or Caucasian Egg Donor and/or a Surrogate Mother are the perfect solutions for women unable to conceive using their own eggs, or who are unable to safely carry a pregnancy. We can also assist gay couple and single men with egg donation and legal Birth Mother services.

The combination of our highly regarded medical team, excellent success rates, experienced management of the treatment process and the Professional Counselling provided by our experienced consultants ensures that your Egg Donation and/or Surrogacy experience will be as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Our Programs are available to most people and we try to keep fees as reasonable as possible. You can also begin the process in a very short space of time – in as little as 4-weeks, once COVID restrictions have been lifted.

We are one of the oldest egg donor and surrogacy services in the world and have assisted nearly 3000 parents since we began in 2007. You can join our many, many, successful parents by having the family you dream of too.

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We promise you the highest level of expertise and compassionate care and support to help you create your family using eggs from our Asian Donor Egg Bank.

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They have such a big range of beautiful donors- it makes it hard to choose!

– Winnie Taipei

We used Fertility Choices for two years.Always professional and on time. No problems with shipping or customs ever.”

– Ryan CC China agent

“Thank you Cathie and Team, thank you thank you”

– Lynn Brisbane

“FCG helped me, a single Dad, when other agencies wouldn’t even talk to me.Am in process now- nervously waiting for my pregnancy test.”

– SB Bangkok