Surrogate Mother Program

Surrogacy for all!

We have been providing surrogacy continuously since June 2007 and are one of the oldest Birth Mother services in the world. Our experienced team of medical professionals will guide and support you throughout your journey.

Our Birth Mother Programs are carefully designed to meet the needs of all intending parents, whether married, de facto couples, single women and men, or LBGT couples. Best of all, our programs are legal which means you do not have to worry about the complex legal problems such as arose in Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Laos. Importantly, couples can also have both names noted on the Birth Certificate- again completely legally.

We also provide the latest in medical technology such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), which examines all chromosome pairs to ensure that the embryos transferred contain no abnormalities and, of course, Gender Choice.

 If you also need an egg donor we have Caucasian, Chinese and Thai egg donors available.  All the donors are ours and we do not use agency donors. This enables us to ensure that your donor’s medical treatment meets international standards and there are no short cuts taken with her screening and preparation for IVF.

If you would like further details about how to have that family you dreamed of please contact us here