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IVF / ICSI Program

IVF and Gender Choice

Our embryology laboratories are amongst the most experienced and best equipped and have helped Intending Parents from all over the world achieve their dream of having a baby. They provide a variety of ART services proven to significantly increase pregnancy success rates.

IVF is used in a variety of situations including:

  • where a woman needs her eggs to be fertilized in a controlled environment
  • where a single woman wishes to use her own eggs and a sperm donor
  • where PGS ¬†Embryo DNA Testing is performed to choose gender or identify genetic disease
  • where fallopian tubes are blocked
  • for Egg Donation when the female partner has no viable eggs
  • where ICSI is used to transfer a single sperm into an egg;
  • where a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy (e.g. after hysterectomy) and her partner's sperm is used to fertilise either her own eggs, or a donor's eggs and transferred to a Gestational Surrogate.

Please contact us for further information about your IVF options at our affiliated clinics.