Caucasian and Asian Egg Donor Programs

Chinese and Thai egg donation success rates

Our Chinese, Thai and Caucasian Egg Donor services are much sought after and our aim is for you to have your first cycle within 3-months of your first contact with us. 

Egg donation, along with Surrogacy, is a wonderful fertility option not readily available to couples and singles in many countries. It is one of the most appreciated medical developments in fertility treatment and offers very high success rates. You can begin the process in a very short space of time - often as little as 8-weeks.

Egg Donor Success Rates

First cycle success rates for our Egg Donor Programs average 65%, which compares very favourably with other egg donor programs anywhere in the world.

Egg Donor Procedure

Egg Donation is a simple medical procedure to undergo for the mother-to-be, since it is far more comfortable and less intrusive to have an embryo transfer than a full IVF cycle using her own eggs. The combination of high success rates and comparative simplicity and ease of treatment ensures that the Egg Donation experience is very different to IVF.

Egg Donor Procedure Overview

The first step is to select your Chinese, Thai or Caucasian egg donor. Our experienced medical staff will then coordinate your, or your surrogate's, cycle with the donor's to enable a fresh or frozen embryo transfer. All mature eggs produced in a single donor cycle are fertilized using ICSI and all the resultant eggs and embryos belong to the parents. If there are more embryos than required for transfer you can freeze and store your extra embryos. Frozen embryos can be used for subsequent attempts at pregnancy; whether or not your fresh transfer is successful.

 Egg Freezing

We are also one of the few services in seAsia with an experienced Egg Freezing Program. Eggs can be retrieved, frozen and stored for at least 10-years and freezing is also becoming increasingly popular with women using their own eggs too.

Points to consider

In general, most women can be a recipient, as long as there are no medical contraindications to pregnancy. Our upper age limit is 53 years.

Points to remember:

  • As we have a huge interest in our Egg Donor Programs, particularly Chinese, we recommend you choose your donor as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced medical teams assure you of the best possible chance of success with an egg donor cycle.
  • We offer a Caucasian donor service too

If you would like to receive our comprehensive Information Package please contact us and we will respond within 24-hours.